These links should allow you to download a copy of my recent conference presentations. If you’re looking for something a little older, or if I’ve not provided a download link, please contact me to request a copy.

Association for Contextual Behavioural Science World Conference, Seville (Spain), June 2017

Hulbert-Williams NJ. ACT in the oncology setting: What do and don’t we know? Download

Hulbert-Williams NJ & Hulbert-Williams L. ACT-enhanced communication skills training: development and evaluation of a training programme to improve psychosocial care in the cancer setting. Download

Swash B et al. Psychological flexibility as a moderator of unmet psychosocial needs and psychological wellbeing in haematological cancer survivors. Download

Joy J et al. Loss of self as a cancer caregiver: Learning from RFT and ACT to develop more effective psychological interventions to improve wellbeing. Download

Kent W et al. Oncology nurse self-care: a literature review of interventions to address burnout and compassion fatigue.

Kent W et al. The relationship between Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) processes and work-related wellbeing in UK nurses: an intervention development study

Ashcroft S et al. CBS Consistent Definitions of Relational Coherence, Incoherence and AmbiguityDownload

Ashcroft S. Relational Coherence and Ambiguity: Behavioural and Affective Responses within a Novel Training Paradigm.​ Download

Hulbert-Williams NJ et al. Psychological transition after primary cancer treatment: Component mapping using an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Framework for effective intervention delivery. Download

Hulbert-Williams Let al. Further development and psychometric validation of a novel measure of trait mindful eating: Protocol and preliminary analyses. Download

UK NCRI National Cancer Conference, Liverpool (UK), November 2016

Flynn S et al. Cancer experiences in people with an intellectual disability. Download

European Nursing Oncology Society Annual Conference, Dublin (Ireland), October 2016

Hulbert-Williams NJ. Cancer care experiences in demographic minority groups. Download