Most of my training is facilitated though Live Now Ltd., but if you’ve got a training need that you think I could fill, please feel free to contact me through either website. My recently facilitated training has included:

Understanding and managing psychological distress: A brief primer on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Delivered to researchers and clinicians at Sydney Children’s Hospital (2017).

ACT-enhanced communication skills training
Delivered to staff at CanTeen, an Australian organisation to support young people affected by cancer (2017).

Managing psychological distress in cancer patients
Invited workshop at the European Oncology Nursing Society Annual Conference (2016).

ACT-enhanced communication skills training
Delivered to Centre Heads and Cancer Support Specialists at Maggie’s Cancer Centres (2016).

A brief primer on psychological theories of motivating behaviour change
Delivered to speech and language therapists in Scotland as part of the SiP Research Study (2015).

An introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Invited workshop at the British Psychosocial Oncology Society Annual Conference (2015).

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in oncology: An experiential introduction
Delivered to the Cancer Council Queensland Psychology and Counselling Team (2015).

Consultancy services

In addition to training, I can also offer consultancy services.  Here are some examples areas where I may be able to help individuals or organisations:

Health services development and organisation, particularly within cancer and palliative care: Much of my applied research has been in this specific area. It has given me an extensive knowledge of how services might best be organised and developed to best meet patients’ psychosocial needs.

Stress, productivity and creativity: As a coaching psychologist, I have expert knowledge regarding stress, particularly within occupational settings. I have a keen interest in how this goes on to act as a barrier to productive and creative work.

Mentoring, supervision and personnel management: Over the past decade of leading a successful research group, I have developed a wealth of knowledge about staff leadership, mentorship and supervision. I’m only too happy to share this knowledge with others.